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Block Jigsaw Puzzle -PITATTO-介紹

Block Jigsaw Puzzle -PITATTO-A new release of the No. 1 free game app at Appstore!
Total 1.5 million downloads of games in this very popular series!
Train your brain with block puzzles that can be continued every day!

The 1st theme is a Travel bag!
Where do you want to travel? 🙂

*Features of This Brain Training Puzzle*
-Easy operation allows you to focus on the puzzle!
-100 stages where you can play every day!
-Play all stages for free!

*Reviews of This Brain Training Puzzle*
""Cleared all stages 3 times.
I played all the series apps.
But it ’s addictive.
I like not being chased by time.""

""This app helps brain teaser!""

*Recommended for these people*
-Those who like simple classic puzzle games!
-Those who are interested in brain training / brain activation / young brain / brain age!
-People who love crosswords and sudoku
-Those who are concerned about brain age, memory and IQ!
-Who want to kill time

*How to play this block puzzle*
The rules are simple!
Just fit all the pieces like a jigsaw puzzle!
Just move while tapping the piece!

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