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Fuji Xerox Print UtilityPrint Utility for iOS is a free printing and scanning application for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch.
You can print various types of file formats such as Microsoft Office stored in your mobile device or a cloud service and send scanned data to cloud directly.

Key Features
-Printing from Cloud/Scan to Cloud
-Printing PDF&DocuWorks documents.
-Printing Web page,Photos and captured photo.
– Printing from any idle device (=On Demand printing) becomes available by linking with ApeosWare Management Suite and/or Serverless On-Demand Print function,
-Scanning images into your iPad/iPhone/iPod touch with Fuji Xerox multifunction devices.
-Keystone correction/tone reproduction correction is available.
-Printer registration/print/scan via an NFC tap are available.
-Registration of multiple printers, and selecting and switching between them are available.

System Requirements
– Compatible models should be used.
– LPD-enabled multifunction devices or printers should be connected to the same network with which your iPad/iPhone/iPod touch is connected. Or multifunction devices or printers should be Wi-Fi Direct enabled.
– Bonjour should be enabled on your multifunction devices or printers for device discovery. (If Bonjour is disabled, a user can specify a printer's IP address manually)

Supported Languages
– English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Thai,Vietnamese,Japanese

Supported OS
– iPad/iPhone/iPod touch iOS 11.0 or later (the latest version is recommended)
iPad 5th Gen or later, iPad mini 2 or later, iPad Air or later, iPad Pro, iPhone5s or later, and iPod touch 6th Gen or later are supported.

Compatible Models
Please kindly confirm with Fuji Xerox official website as follows,
For customers in Asia Pacific excluding Japan:
For customers in Japan:
http://www.fujixerox.co.jp/product/software/printutility_ios/   (Japanese)

Notes and Restrictions
– When you print a DocuWorks document, you may get garbled or overlapped characters, which is different from the display on the iPhone, iPad or iPad touch.
– Printing may be aborted if a document including extended characters is printed.
– You may get garbled or overlapped characters if a PDF file which doesn't contain whole font information used in the PDF document is printed.

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