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Gold Miner Classic 2019Playing Gold Miner Classic to be turned back to childhood! Gold Miner – new version has a lot of updates! This game with gold is also the legendary version for children and old people with lots of fun.

It’s not only arcade game but also role-playing game cause you will be a gold miner, diamond miner and golden manager to collect gold, diamond and conquer levels.

The best gold miner adventure, try it? Download NOW!

Gold, diamonds, and dynamite? That's right, you're a gold miner and it's your job to collect gold as much as you can and come out with the most money.

Don't think simple is not fun! A perfect game created by an old miner with quick hook swings and a combination of more functions like:
– Invite friends via Facebook.
– Send dynamites, gold and time to each others.
– Use gold bars for a second chance.

This is best game for offline because:
– Free download 100%.
– Low megabyte game.
– Many challenging levels but playing endlessly to get a high score.
– Graphics is cute, appealing, and supper easy to play.
– Dynamic sound and music.
– Tons of achievements.
– Daily reward, use up the rewards? Transfer to lucky rounds, get rewards again.
– Addictive gameplay.

Thank you for supporting our game! Download the Gold Miner Classic to feel the pleasure of digging gold!

Your suggestions and feedback will be received by mail: [email protected].
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