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Whether you are a passionate philologist, or a novice pupil on a road of self-betterment and time swizzling fun, Jumbline™ will tantalize your senses in all the right places.

Jumbline is a familiar and fantastic word puzzle that will challenge your speed, your agility, your pattern recognition, and your spelling prowess, as you try and find all the possible words within a set of letters. Shuffle the letters, jumble the blocks, mix'em, find them, underline them!


"I'd like to thank you for making the BEST word game on the App Store (and best variation of 'Text Twist' out there)." – Saroj M., one of our fans

"with this game you’ve got what I consider to be a better version of the classic game." – appVersity.com

"It’s such a simple and effective control scheme that it’s surprising that no one has thought of it before." – darkzero.co.uk

"With its smart design and pick-up-and-play appeal, Jumbline is a must for fans of this genre" – CNET.com

★ HIGHLIGHTS (for Jumbline Lite) ★

– The first revolutionary underline touch interaction
– Beautiful and clear visuals and sound
– Thousands of puzzles for eons of fun
– Built in dictionary lookups!
– Exciting word list based on the Scrabble dictionary
– Save and Resume where you left off
– Turn off sounds and play your own iPod music
– Hall of Fame
– Facebook integration: show off your accomplishments on your Facebook wall

Visit www.Jumbline.com for gameplay footage.

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