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MTR Mobile 讓你隨時隨地掌握與港鐵車程有關的各類資訊,助你更輕鬆計劃行程。


Traffic News
當港鐵服務已經或預計受阻超過20分鐘時,Traffic News會為你提供有關資訊*,方便你提早選擇應變路綫。當風暴令鐵路服務有變動或需暫停,或於特別節日的車務安排,Traffic News 都會為你顯示最新資料。此外更提供個人化訊息設定功能,讓您自訂所需路綫接收有關即時車務資訊,以後安排路綫更得心應手。





隻須選定起點站及目的地車站,轉車 / 落車有貼心提示,乘車時更可隨時知道身處位置。


MTR Club
MTR Club 版面清晰簡潔,無論登記入會或查閱積分都更就手。程式亦會為你送上會員通訊,讓你不在錯過優惠情報。在站站獎積分計劃舉行期間,你亦可透過此手機程式換領心儀禮品,一切盡在掌握!

使用「MTR Mobile 定位服務」將於裝置背景啟動GPS功能及增加電池使用量

MTR Mobile
MTR Mobile brings you all sorts of useful information relating to MTR trips to help you plan your journey effectively!

Trip Planner
Search for your route by simply choosing your origin and destination station on the MTR system map, or inputting your origin and destination on the map. The function will provide you with a suggested route from the station exit, and the estimated journey time helping you get to your destination. In addition to route search, the function also provides you with MTR journey information such as fare information, station layout map and first/last train schedule.

Traffic News
Traffic News will inform subscribers when train services have been or are expected to be seriously delayed for more than 20 minutes. It will also inform travellers about special train service arrangements during festive holidays or tropical cyclones. Traffic News also allows you to personalise the “push notification function” to receive immediate updates on service information for specific lines to make sure that any updates you get are exactly what you need!

*Note: Timely delivery of Traffic News messages and alerts may be affected by user traffic on individual mobile phone networks.

Station Facilities/Barrier-free facilities/Shops
Search easily for facilities, barrier-free facilities and shops in stations, by stations, facility type and shop type. You can also get special service notices of station lifts through the barrier-free-function.

Tourist Information
The Tourist Information function offers a wide variety of local attraction guides and information on tourist tickets. You can plan your journey simply by entering the tourist spot as origination or destination in the Trip Planner.

Airport Express
This provides Airport Express information and allows you to search for travel information from the airport to hotels, including complimentary Airport Express Shuttle Bus service.

Alighting Reminder
Provide interchange and exit notifications with real-time locations during your ride.

Bus Info
Provides MTR Bus and Feeder Bus route details and the real-time arrival schedule for designated routes.

MTR Club
Designed with a clean user interface, users can register as a club member, and check MTR Club information and the eNewsletter easily. During promotional periods of the Bonus Point Scheme, users can also check their bonus points and redeem their gifts anytime, anywhere!

Using “MTR Mobile Location Service” will enable GPS in background and increase battery usage

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