Multi Level Parking Simulator

  • App : Multi Level Parking Simulator for iOS,Android
  • 版本 : 3.0
  • 年齡分級 : 4+
  • 開發人員 : Aidem Media | App 支援

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Multi Level Parking Simulator介紹

Multi Level Parking SimulatorRetooled and massively upgraded, Multi Level Parking Simulator is the ULTIMATE in parking challenges!

Your favorite elements of Multi Level Parking Simulators I and II come together for the most intense, focused and fun parking game ever designed! Race, swerve, dodge and drift like a master in your choice of speed cars, luxury cars or muscle cars!

Get ready to—
– slash through obstacles in your tuned-up, powerful hatchback!
– dart through traffic in your quick Hatchback
– cruise at insane speeds in your MASSIVE luxury sedan!
– slip into parking spots like a glove with your small but quick city car!
– drift like a pro in your specially-adapted DRIFT MUSCLE CAR!
– test your spacial skills with your VERY long luxury sedan
– look down on the little people from your kingly 4×4 SUV!

– 3 maps
– all-new game dynamics
– special drivers to help you win the most bonuses!
– one all-new car for a total of 7 outstanding cars!

All the features of the original games which made them famous:
– multiple and varied missions
– AI-powered traffic
– treacherous streets, unexpected cars and pedestrians
– customizable controls (buttons, tilt, wheel)
– multiple views, including hood-cam driver’s-eye view!
– 100% free!

Whether this is your first parking game or you’re a master of the genre, Multi Level Parking Simulator is THE version you’re going to want.
Try it out now!

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