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Neogen BeatZNeogen Beatz is a crazy synergy of Music and a Ground Breaking Arcade Game!

Neogen Beatz is an arcade with neon lights, fluid gameplay and high speeds and all interacting as one with the mesmeric visual style and accompanying music.
Choose Your Favorite track from Your device and Feel how the Music pulses through the astonishing unique neon backgrounds, while you are playing the game.
Match the neon figures as they fallout, with the cells in the bottom, test your reaction and beat the highscores to unlock new modes.

* Absorbing interaction of music and game objects
* 6 different engaging modes that will constantly keep your attention
* 6 uniquely designed backgrounds of abstract shapes and stylish neons, that will react to Your music
* CHOOSE ANY track that is on your phone from the game menu
* Optimized for high resolution screens

***Feel the beat of the music deep in your soul***

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