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ProtonMail 圖標The Swiss-based ProtonMail secure email app combines state of the art security features with end-to-end encryption while being intuitive and easy to use. Used by millions worldwide, the ProtonMail app respects your privacy and is secure against cyberattacks.The Wall Street Journal says:“ProtonMail offers encrypted email, which makes it virtually impossible for anyone to read it except the sender and the recipient.” With the ProtonMail app, you can:• Create a new encrypted email address • Send and receive encrypted emails and attachments with ease• Switch between multiple accounts • Keep your inbox tidy and clean with folders and labels• Quickly organize emails with customizable swipe gestures and labels• Receive new email notifications• Send password protected encrypted emails to non-ProtonMail email addressesWhy use ProtonMail?• ProtonMail is 100% free with no catches. If you like using ProtonMail, you can upgrade to a premium account• Automatic ‘easy-to-use’ end-to-end encryption that is invisible to the user• Zero-access encryption storage formatting that not even Proton can read • Open-source encryption that allows inspection by security experts from around the world• ProtonMail is hosted entirely in Switzerland, under the protection of the world's strongest privacy lawsIndustry Leading Security FeaturesMessages are stored on ProtonMail servers using end-to-end encryption at all times and are transmitted in encrypted format between Proton servers and user devices. This largely eliminates the risk of message interception.Zero Access to User DataProtonMail's zero access architecture means that your data is encrypted in a way that makes it inaccessible to us. Data is encrypted on the client side using an encryption key that Proton does not have access to. This means we don't have the technical ability to decrypt your messages.Open-Source CryptographyProtonMail's open-source software has been thoroughly vetted by security experts from around the world to ensure the highest levels of protection. ProtonMail only uses secure implementations of AES, RSA, along with OpenPGP, while all of the cryptographic libraries used are open source. By using open-source libraries, ProtonMail can guarantee that the encryption algorithms used do not have clandestinely built-in back doors. ProtonMail in the press:“ProtonMail is a Gmail-like email system which uses end-to-end encryption, making it impossible for outside parties to monitor.” Forbes“A new email service being developed by a group from MIT and CERN promises to bring secure, encrypted email to the masses and keep sensitive information away from prying eyes.” Huffington PostFollow ProtonMail on social for all the latest news and offers:Facebook: /protonmailTwitter: @protonmailReddit: /protonmailInstagram: /protonmailFor more information, visit: https://protonmail.comOur open-source code base:

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