Rhythm Racer 2

  • App : Rhythm Racer 2 for iOS,Android
  • 版本 : 1.3
  • 年齡分級 : 4+
  • 開發人員 : AvatarLabs | App 支援

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Rhythm Racer 2The Appy Awards just named Rhythm Racer 2 the best game app of 2011!


Get the NUMBER ONE FREE MUSIC GAME in the world for the iPad on your iPhone! We ranked number one in 67 countries. You don't want to miss out.

Here's what the reviews are saying:

"Visually, Rhythm Racer 2 HD is a real treat. The futuristic backdrops are breathtaking, and the impression of speed you get from the slick animation is dizzying at times."

"It's a huge step up in graphics, gameplay and overall fun."

"With a sleek appearance, and a simple and fun gaming experience you will have an app that you can pick up at any time and play."

Rhythm Racer 2 for iPhone and iPod Touch is a must have for anyone who likes to ROCK and GO FAST! What's new? MORE MUSIC. MORE DYNAMIC GAMEPLAY. BIG NAME ARTISTS. STILL FREE.

Available Now in Rhythm Racer 2:
The All American Rejects, Boston, The Crystal Method, The Prodigy, Edgar Winter, Filter, and music from indie-fabulous artists Ordinary Peoples, Kill the Alarm, and King Atom. The game also comes with original music from the one and only Parry Gripp.

Coming Soon:
OK Go, The Airborne Toxic Event, and more.

– SUPER FAST racing combined with SUPER AWESOME interactive music!
– Free and paid songs in 3D worlds!
– Full integration with OpenFeint for chat, playing against friends, making new ones, and more!
– Global leader boards – see how you score against everyone!
– Social leader boards – see how you score against your friends!

Developer Notes:
Greetings from the development team at AvatarLabs, creator of Rhythm Racer. Rhythm Racer 2 has big changes! Let us know ([email protected]) how you like it so we can keep making it better. We depend on your feedback to make Rhythm Racer the best it can be. Thanks for playing and helping us bring the thrill of racing and music together!

Got iPad? Get Rhythm Racer 2 HD for iPad. Also FREE!

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