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Skyweaver 圖標*Skyweaver is still in Private Beta. A code is required to get access to the game.A Strategy Trading Card Game from Another Dimension where skill wins you cards you can collect, trade, and gift to friends. Play Skyweaver, the revolutionary online TCG now!- Free to Play & Play to Own- Build Your Card Collection- Skill wins you tradable Silver cards and rare Gold cards- Join a friendly and loving global community- Trade Cards with Players from around the world- Deeply strategic online multiplayer card battles- Intuitive Deck Building- Player-Owned Market- Cross-Platform TCG: Browser, PC and mobile play available- Pure fun awaits. No knowledge of Ethereum blockchain nor dapp required. FREE TO PLAY, PLAY TO OWN & NEVER PAY TO WINUnlock all 500+ Base cards for free as you level up playing matches. Enter Discovery mode with a random deck or play Constructed once you've crafted your custom deck! NFT Silver and Gold cards you win give you more control over the cards you own.Unlock EVERY single card in the game for FREE. You don’t need to spend a single dime to unlock all the cards in the game. Easy-to-pick-up and hard-to-put-down. AWESOME REWARDS: YOUR SKILL EARNS YOU VALUABLE CARDSPlay competitively to climb the leaderboards and get rewarded for your mastery! A weekly reward system where you can win tradable Silver cards if you rank high enough on Skyweaver’s leaderboards! Compete in Conquests to earn new rare Gold cards every week.COMPETE ONLINE & CHALLENGE FRIENDSAction-packed turn-based PvP battles put your skills to the test as you ascend the ranks. Great depth and strategy for card game masters looking to refine their skills and duel against the best; yet easy to pick up for brand new players looking to learn a new game. EXPERIMENT WITH DECKBUILDING, CUSTOMIZE & COLLECTCraft the most powerful card decks with ease using the deck leaderboard to find out which decks are performing best, their stats, and more! Experience the depth of cards, use them in combinations, and build decks to suit any playstyle.Over 500 unique cardsCreate awesome synergies. Deck creativity pays off on the battlefield. Never before seen card effects and abilities will keep you and your opponents on your toes.ETERNAL NON-ROTATING CARDSCards are never banned nor rotated out of play. This means the time you invest building up your skills, card collection, and decks is never lost. Always a balanced card game as the dev team do regular card balancing to ensure the meta never gets stale – Sky’s universe is ever-expanding, and you play a key role in its evolution!A TRADING CARD GAME WITH ACTUAL TRADINGEasily trade cards with other players in the Market. Silver and Gold cards you win or buy are your property. They are NFTs so you can trade them, gift to friends, or keep collecting and playing. The choice is yours.UNLIMITED STRATEGIES. COUNTLESS MOVES. HUGE MANA POOLS.Skyweaver gameplay is singleton, making for more varied gameplay strategies and unexpected plays. A diverse collection of Heroes and cards makes for fresh dual-deck combinations and unique card interactions. Use and combine elements and keywords to trigger powerful plays.CONNECT WITH US & JOIN EARLY ACCESS:Discord: skyweaver.chatTwitter: @skyweavergameFacebook: Reddit: Send us feedback: [email protected]. The only TCG online that’s a F2P crypto game where no knowledge of Ethereum, blockchain, or cryptocurrencies is needed to enjoy.ABOUT HORIZON BLOCKCHAIN GAMES: Driving Web3 adoption by making blockchain easy, fun and powerful for users and developers, Horizon is building a New Dimension where Internet economies are fun, accessible, and for the benefit of all participants. Horizon is also developing Skyweaver, a trading card game powered by Sequence.

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