• APP : TUB
  • 系統 : Android
  • 開發人員 : Home
  • 類別 : 模擬

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TUB 圖標TUB is a large physical online sandbox based on the manipulation of any game objects.?Best classic sandbox game. ?The world's best classic sandbox game with great possibilities to create your own world from scratch using various construction mechanics. You can play and create whatever you want with your friends online. ?Sandbox TUB differs from others with its classic-style graphics, excellent physics and improved construction mechanics.?For a more interesting game, there are various vehicles to move around the map.?If a player bothers you, you can destroy him with any weapon. In the arsenal of the game there are various weapons for battles (pistols, machine guns, melee weapons). And also you can make an invisible trap using dynamite and other mechanisms to defeat your opponent.?The game has a large number of items that can be manipulated. Build different buildings (garages, houses, hangars) and even entire cities.⚙️With tools, you can create your own gears, save them and share with your friends.?List of tools that can be interconnected and create your own mechanisms:Wire – a wire responsible for connecting mechanisms.Properties – responsible for the transparency of the mechanism.Button – a tool for creating in-game buttons that depend on other tools, is responsible for pressing and switching.Dynamite is a tool for creating dynamite (bombs).Timer – Timer creation tool.Prop Spawner – the tool turns the selected object into the place where the same objects appear.Monitor – displays information on the screen.Lamp – Tool for creating lamps.And other.?In our sandbox, not everything is implemented yet, and we are trying to improve the capabilities of the game for your comfortable play. You can also improve the game by submitting your ideas to our community.

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