Water Sorting: Color Games

  • APP : Water Sorting: Color Games
  • 系統 : Android
  • 開發人員 : Home
  • 類別 : 解謎

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Water Sorting: Color Games

Water Sorting: Color Games 圖標Great game for combinational logic.It is not timed, so very relaxing and addictive. The time taken up by adverts is reasonable.Try to arrange watercolors into the bottles so that each color goes into a separate bottle. A relaxing and challenging game to train your brain.This game seems very simple, but it is quite challenging. The higher the level is, the more difficult it is that needs you to think critically for each move. For those levels which are extremely difficult, you can use the help to earn more empty bottles.How to play- Touch a bottle and then touch another bottle to pour water from this bottle to that bottle.- You can only pour if the two bottles have the same water color on top.- Each bottle only holds a certain amount of liquid, so once it’s filled, you cannot add more.★ FEATURES – Tap to play.- Multiple unique levels.- Easy to play, hard to master.- Can play offline or without internet.- NO penalties & time limits. You can enjoy Water Sorting: Color Games at your own pace.

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